Privacy Policy

Intellectual Property Rights

Permission to use the site does not include the appropriation of the material, content, trademarks, logos,  and service marks which are all owned and under Copyright of MerryMart Grocery Centers Inc. or by the authority of the owners thereof. Users of the site are prohibited from using the material, content, or information on the site for commercial,  public  or other unauthorized purposes.  This may include modifying,  distributing,  displaying, publishing, selling, licensing, creating derivative works from any material herein.

Usage Account Reference

1.   A unique account is required to use of the services of the Site. It is the duty of the user to ensure the safety and confidential nature of the unique username and password created for the purpose of the account on this Site.

MerryMart Grocery Centers Inc. is automatically deemed the owner of all information submitted herein. Processing of personal information will be in compliance to the  Data  Privacy  Act of the  Philippines. However,  MerryMart  Grocery  Centers  Inc. assumes no responsibility and confidentiality to non- personal information submitted in the platforms provided herein.

2.   Authorized use of the Site is for the purchase of goods and products for deliveries or pick up in stores.

3.   MerryMart Grocery Centers Inc. will not be liable for errors or inaccuracy in the goods displayed in the Site based on the user’s computer display, by unintentional mistake or by existing or new law. Reservation is made by MerryMart Grocery Centers Inc. to change item descriptions depending on stocks, updates and other reasons without prior notice.

4.   MerryMart Grocery Centers Inc. has authority in the sales of the product in all aspects based on location, quantities, stock availability, new regulations, updates on prices, discounts,  promotions, tie-ups, and other such causes.

5.   Pricing upon checkout and payment, will be real-time and based on the prevailing selling price. Items still in the cart will still be subject to price change, updates, and other circumstances.

Users will be given a chance to cancel and refund the purchase price if it is found to be higher than what was initially published on the Site.

Different items or goods dependent on varying sizes, weight, or units cannot be guaranteed to be as exactly shown in the pictures. Prices for these items will be fixed at the time of checkout and breakdown of the weight and units of the item will be known only at the time of delivery.

6.   Shortfalls may cause additional charges in the payment transaction. Refunds for overpayment may be processed and requested following the refund policy at the time of delivery.

7.   MerryMart Grocery Centers Inc. reserves the right to market and run promotions, vouchers, programs, discounts  and others any time with validity subject to the policies of redemption,  rules  and the requirements of the Philippine law.

8.   MerryMart Grocery Centers Inc. takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for any loss or damages to users arising from shipping information and/or payment information entered by users in connection with the payment for the items purchased.

Third Party Information & Services

1.   MerryMart  Grocery  Centers  Inc. is  not liable  and  does  not  guarantee  information  provided  in  this website by third parties, other links and system provisions of contractors and third party providers.

2.   Credit card and other digital payment system are provided by third parties. The use of the system will forward  and  obtain  information  about  you  in  relation  to  the  payment  system  for  authentication, authorization of payment, to help avoid fraud. We may suspend the transaction for valid reasons such as suspicious transactions, reports of fraud, authorization is unconfirmed or unavailable and other things.

Payments of the orders shall be made in Philippine Peso, charges made by banks, financial institutions based on the conversion rate of the foreign credit cards or payment system, administrative fees will be for the account of the User.

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