Mission, Vision and Values Chart
Merry MArt
Company Goal

MERRYMART has set its 12-12-12 Vision 2030 with the goal of rolling out a total of 1,200 MERRYMART branches nationwide, it aims to reach Php 120 Billion in systemwide sales revenue, and eyes a timetable to achieve the set targets within 12 years from today


MerryMart to become the largest and most relevant household essential store retail chain in the Philippines, delighting its customers across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.


We believe in profitability through sincerity, integrity, hard work and fairness in all of our dealings.

We believe in upholding the trust and confidence of our investors through transparency and prudent management of resources.

We believe in embarking only in ventures that will endure the test of time and remain relevant for generations to come.

We believe in fostering a company culture ingrained in mutual respect, collaboration and overall development of employees.

We believe in consistently delivering quality products and services that delight the customers we serve.

We believe in achieving excellent customer experience all the time, in service with a smile, and in making customers merry everyday.