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Franchise Package

MerryMart franchise includes a support package to assist franchisees operate MerryMart successfully.

    • - Store Construction
    • - Operational System
    • - Initial Employee Hiring and Training
    • - Marketing Support
Investment Package








Items Details Description/Coverage
Term10 yearsRenewable depending on the franchisee’s performance
Admin Fee0.5% of gross salesBilled monthly
Royalty Fee 2% of gross sales Billed monthly
Advertising Fee 0.5% of gross sales Billed monthly
Franchise Fee 1.2M plus VAT

This includes complete initial support and assistance in the store set-up:

  • ● Assistance in Store set-up, Hiring, Training, Systems set-up, Site development, etc.
Design Fee 180k plus VAT

This includes the following services:

  • ● Store layout, Architectural Designs, Perspectives, and Engineering plans
Merchandise Security Deposit 900k This includes a security deposit for merchandise delivery.
Estimated Store Investment 12 to 17 M The exact investment varies depending on store type and size.
Site floor area required 250 to 300 Sqm

*The initial stock inventory to be fully paid by the franchisee before delivery

Franchise Application process
Complete the following initial requirements
Completed letter of intent
Download Completed Letter of Intent
Filled out Application Form Initial Questionnaire provided
Download Application Form Initial Questionnaire
Submit these documents through mail or email

a. Mail

  • Franchising Division
  • 9th Floor, Tower 1, DoubleDragon Plaza, DD Meridian Park Corner
  • Macapagal Avenue & Edsa Extension Bay Area, Pasay City,
  • Metro Manila, Philippines

b. Email

  • Note: Only forms with complete requirements will be processed
Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of franchising does MerryMart offer?

MerryMart operates the following three types of stores:

  1. 1. MERRYMART Grocery
  2. 2. MERRYMART Market
  3. 3. MERRYMART Store

However, only the MerryMart Store is available for franchising at the moment.

How long is the payback period for MerryMart franchises?

Payback period for MerryMart stores is dependent on many factors, including store sales, market investment, and the individual performance of the store. A financial matrix will be provided once the site is approved.

Does MerryMart provide training for franchisees?

Yes. After completing the franchise agreements, the franchisee will undergo a training program to ensure the success of the MerryMart Location. The program also ensures that the franchisee can operate the store in accordance with the MerryMart business system.

What are the requirements of a MerryMart franchise location?

As the location of the store is very important in the future success of the franchise, MerryMart prefers locations with high traffic areas accessible to both pedestrians and motorists. Proposed sites that meet franchise requirements will go through further site evaluation.

Who will do the planning and construction of the store?

The store design will be covered by the design fee of the franchise. For construction, we will suggest accredited contractors. For contractors not on the accredited list, we would need to have the contractor accredited prior to the construction of the store.

Does MerryMart provide the site?

No, the franchisee provides the site for our assessment and approval.

Can an applicant apply without a specific site?

No. MerryMart will only process applications with a specific location for the store, with completed requirements. However, if an applicant submits an application without a specific location, it will be included in our list of interested applicants.

Who hires the manpower to operate a new MerryMart location?

MerryMart will only assist the franchisee in screening initial employees, as well as provide training for said initial employees.

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